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Sisal is made from a plant called Agave. That’s why it has great durability and strength. The textures in the material come from the fibers that are woven tightly to make a strong carpet that is best for areas with heavy traffic. There are different types of sisal carpets depending on their weaving style and are some of them.

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Pick The Right Sisal Carpet To Elevate Your Space

While picking a carpet for your place you must think about the textures, styles, and woven patterns. These carpets come in a wide variety of styles and weaving patterns so keeping all of them in mind during shopping will help you to pick the right piece.

In this way, you will have a creative touch to your space. If you miss-match the patterns or colors then you will end up making your space messy instead of making it classy. To avoid this hassle, our efficient team collaborates with the clients and helps them pick the right style of carpet dubai. To know which carpet you need, give us a call.

Ultimate Perks Of Installing Sisal Carpets

The carpets we offer are not just elegant but come with a wide range of benefits. Here are some of the exciting benefits you will avail.

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Sisal comes in a huge range of styles and weaving patterns to fulfill the demands of different areas. Their colors range from creamy whites to rich tans. The tan shades give a natural and earthy feel. You can pick any color and design according to your interior decor without much hassle.

We also offer customization facilities to allow our clients to upgrade their space uniquely

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Why Pick For Sisal Carpet Dubai

At, you are not getting a piece of carpet to cover your space. Our carpet pieces act as natural humidifiers. To boost the quality of air they absorb all the moisture from the environment. Plus, they are easy to pick for styling homes as they come in a huge range of textures, designs, and hues. We craft each piece with utmost precision and effort.

We infuse the latest techniques to craft our carpet pieces to ensure they last for a long time. To get different types of sisal carpets dubai for your space, just do contact us and we will get back to you in the minimum time possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, carpets do get wet. Their fibers are designed to absorb and hold water for an extended duration. This water retention prompts the natural colors to bleed, resulting in noticeable discoloration and staining across the carpet.

Yes, you can clean the carpet without any worry. Sisal, composed of natural fibers, facilitates dirt settling rather than clinging, simplifying maintenance through regular vacuuming. Achieve excellent results by employing a vacuum with strong suction.

The natural carpet made of sisal doesn’t have any smell. But during the manufacturing process, some chemicals get involved that create some smell. But this smell is avoidable and fades out within some time. For better results, place the carpet in an open area until all the chemical smell fades out.

It is not good to wash the carpet. The reason is excess water and wet shampoo can cause shrinkage, staining, and discoloration. So avoid washing your carpets and opt for professional cleaning instead of machine or water washing.