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Linoleum is a strong and elegant option for flooring because of its eco-friendly nature, attractive design range, and long lifetime. People have been using this flooring type for ages. Its strong construction can handle heavy weight that’s why it is perfect for commercial and residential places. Let’s review the kinds of linoleum flooring Dubai we offer:

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We offer top-quality flooring Dubai to add precision, quality, and aesthetic appeal to the floors. Each piece is crafted with care to make sure it lasts long with only minimum maintenance. Also, with our installation services, you will not get bothered much. 

Before starting the installation work of linoleum flooring Dubai, we visit the space to take the exact measurements and check the interior to ensure our client has picked the right design for their floors. This technique takes both the time and money of the clients. So don’t struggle anymore with the dull floors, give us a call and we are ready to help you.

Features of Linoleum Flooring We Offer

Add style, comfort, and durability to your space with our well-made linoleum flooring in Dubai. Its exciting features make it better than other flooring options. Take a look at the following features:

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To allow our clients to create an attractive, unique, and personalized living space, we offer customized linoleum flooring Dubai options. We are not limited to vintage designs. We have a huge range of colors, styles, and patterns to complete your rubber floor needs. You can pick the design, colors, and texture according to your preference to style your space.

We have a huge range of distinct patterns to offer flexibility to clients

Our team offers free consultations to clients to help them pick the right flooring

Why Buy Linoleum Flooring From Us? is a trustable brand as we prioritize customer satisfaction. We sell stylish flooring that has high durability and sustainability. We gather premium quality materials from top-notch brands to give aesthetic appeal to floors. Because of their strong construction, you can easily install them in any type of area.

They can handle heavy foot weight and require only minimal maintenance to stay fresh for a long time. We also use the latest techniques to make them scratch-resistant, moisture-resistant, and slip-resistant so walk freely and confidently on our linoleum flooring Dubai. To know about our services and flooring styles, contact us anytime you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, linoleum resists moisture content. It is crafted with natural materials that resist water and can last for many years with proper care. You can place it in areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

Yes, linoleum does cause some smell after it is installed. But the smell vanished with time. To get rid of smell immediately you can use air circulation and cleaning products. Make sure to use local products with a gentle nature.

Linoleum needs more care than other flooring types. It can not handle excess humidity. Also, the texture of linoleum is soft which means it is easy to gouge and scratch. The surface can easily tear off with high heels or furniture edges. So make sure to avoid placing sharp things on linoleum floors.

Yes, linoleum does change its color but under certain circumstances. Linoleum contains many raw materials including linseed oil. When the oil gets blocked by sunlight it starts to oxidize and turn linoleum color to yellow or different colors over time.