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This carpet has been gaining popularity because of its durable construction and greeny natural looks. The carpet imitates the looks of natural grass but is more resilient and works for many years without getting damaged. Mostly, Nylon, Polypropylene, and Polyethylene are used in the construction that allows you to install artificial grass carpets in any area including




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If you are a nature lover, you must install a carpet of grass in all the areas where you love to spend time. Having real grass at home is a messy task and it is also difficult to maintain. The risk of pests is also high. But with carpets of grass, you will only get beauty, elegance, and nature in your space.

After buying grass carpet dubai from us, you only need to install them right away. You can also take our installation services. We have a team of expert workers who use efficient techniques and modern tools to place the carpets seamlessly. So contact us to know more about what we offer.

Features of Our Grass Carpet

By installing grass carpet you can instantly add nature and calmness to your place. It also attracts people’s attention and boosts the overall ambiance of the space.

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We Offer Customized Artificial Grass Carpet

Purchase the best carpets in the color, thickness, and pile height of your choice. You can also customize the carpet size based on the available space. In addition to sizes and colors, we sell infill materials to improve the astroturf’s efficiency and durability. The infill material holds the turf upright and acts as a protective barrier against sharp objects.

We provide accurate grass carpet measurement services for precise installation

Our team also makes proper drainage holes with carpets to boost the functionality

Why Pick Us For Grass Carpet is a trustable brand in Dubai as we offer durable quality carpets of artificial grass to clients to ensure they give a natural look to their living space. We made each carpet piece with a lot of effort and precision to provide a durable product to our clients. To offer exactly what our clients demand from us, we first contact our clients to know their requirements, and then we take the precise pieces with us to start the work.

You can use fake grass carpets Dubai in your outdoor  such as the garden for an aesthetic look just give us a call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must install the carpets outside your house if you love greenery. Our artificial carpets of grass are made with durable and strong materials. They efficiently absorb moisture from the environment to improve the quality of air.

The lifetime of these carpets depends on your use. They can easily stay fresh for more than 25 years if you take proper care. So don’t let your carpet be ruined with excess dirt and moisture.

Yes, like natural grass, artificial carpets of grass can get wet. You can also clean them with water. But don’t let water sit on the surface as moisture can cause some quality damage.

Yes, you can wash the carpet but do it once or twice a month with mild detergent. Frequent washing with water can damage the surface of the carpet or ruin the shape. Also, don’t put excess pressure on the carpet.